How to make your own minecraft cape

Minecraft capes are a lot of fun and give your avatar a definite uniqueness. The trouble is that in most cases you have to "earn" a cape. In this video, I’ll…

Once you’re using Advanced Capes Mod, you can set your cape by pressing the C key and adding the URL of your cape. To make your own cape from scratch, download the cape template, edit it with Paint (or any editing app you like, and then upload the edited version to a free image hosting site like Imgur.

Make Your Own Minecraft Capes –

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This is a short tutorial showing you how to get the Custom capes on Minecraft. It is done using Banners through optifine, with a range of patterns and design…

Create Your Own Minecraft Cape –

1.Make a new project,make it 22×17 PIXELS 2.Find the middle,and then make a straight line Horizontaly/going up 3.On the left side is the Front Side,on the right side is the back 4.Now design your cape (Do whatever you want its your cape anyways)

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(2021) How To Get a *CUSTOM* Minecraft Cape (that people can see) | Optifine Cape Video Answer

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