How to make ice bomb in minecraft

This is how to make a Ice Bomb 1. Enable Education Edition on any World, You Need 1 Sodium, 2 Carbon and Oxygen, 3 Hydrogen to make the Sodium Acetate. 2.Go get a lab table to get a Ice Bomb. 3.You need at least 4 Sodium Acetate, then press the Combine Button. 4.Throw it at water, it make a Ice with 3 by 3 chunk of ice. Now, do you like it?

There are snowballs in the game, but what if you wanna throw some Ice balls at people? Well watch the video to find out how to make one of these!Join my Disc…

How to make ICE BOMBS | Minecraft Education Edition – YouTube

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The crafting recipe for an ice bomb involves four total Sodium Acetates. These are crafted with the following Chemistry items in Minecraft Education Edition: Two Carbon. Three Hydrogen. One Sodium …

Ice Bomb – Minecraft Wiki

When exploding, any water (including flowing water, but not waterlogged blocks) in a 3×3×3 cube around the ice bomb freezes into ice. Ice bombs can be used to contain and displace mobs in ice under water. While endermen teleport away from arrows shot at them, they can be hit by ice bombs. Throwing an ice bomb while underwater encloses the player in ice.

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