How to make a void world in minecraft

How to create a blank world (void world) The first thing you willl want to do, is go to "create new world" and type a world name, for example "void world". change the game mode to creative. go to "more world options" and click the world type button, this will set it to superflat. also, turn off …

Have you ever wondered how to make a void world in Minecraft without the use of mods? Well here’s how to do just that! Start to create a new world. Choose "creative" (important for later steps) Select "Superflat" and change its preset to "1;0" This is what you should have. Now create the world and immediately double space to go into fly mode.

How to make a void world – Planet Minecraft

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If you’ve ever wanted to make a Minecraft world with just the void and no blocks at all, this is the video for you. There are 2 options available in this vid…

Minecraft: How To Make A Void World – YouTube

Minecraft Tutorial Playlist to create a void world for recording videos and making redstone cont…

How To Make A Void World In Minecraft PS4/Xbox/PE/Bedrock Video Answer

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