How to make a simple elevator in minecraft

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Minecraft: How to Make a Working Elevator or Lift in Survival Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition (Easy and No Commands)SUBSCRIBE and T…

How to Build an Elevator in Minecraft (with Pictures)

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This tutorial shows you how to make a working elevator In Minecraft 1.16. With the tricks in this tutorial it should be easy to build this elevator in surviv…

How to Build an Easy Working Elevator in Minecraft! (No …

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How do you make a 3 block elevator in Minecraft?

Place redstone on the three-block column. You’ll be left with a three-block-long line of redstone dust. Add the elevator’s "Down" button. This button should go on the side of the floating stone block that’s facing the elevator’s floor.

How do you make a slime elevator in Minecraft?

Place a block of your choice (preferably stone) on top of each of the slime blocks. You now have the apparatus that will act as the moving part of the elevator. Place a regular piston. Face the three-wide wall so that the bottom observer block is on your right, then place the piston on the floor block immediately in front of you.

How do I use the Obsidian block in the elevator?

Activate your elevator. Select the button next to the elevator’s floor to do so. The elevator will travel up until it hits the obsidian block. Add another piston.

Where is the Observer button on a Minecraft elevator?

This button should be on the side of the stone block that’s facing your elevator’s floor. Do not press the button yet—doing so will cause the elevator floor and base to fly into the sky, never to be seen again. Create a placeholder column on top of the top observer block.

Minecraft: How to make a working Elevator (easy) Video Answer

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