How to make a modded minecraft server

Step 1: Installation of Minecraft
Undoubtedly, the very first step is to install Minecraft on your operating system. …
Step 2: Add Forge server
You have to download and install Forge on your system. Once you’re done with t…

You can choose any Minecraft modded server for your usage among a long list, each offering you the specified rules, communities, gaming experience, style, features, functionalities, etc. Let’s g…

How to create a Minecraft modded server?

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Before we start here are some prerequisites that you require to set up a modded Minecraft server: 1. A computer with a RAM of a minimum of 4GB 2. An internet connection 3. Minecraft co…

How To Make A Modded Minecraft Server in 1.18 (Forge …

Minecraft is extremely fun by itself, even without any mods. Nevertheless, there are thousands of mods out there that can spice up your game and give you hundreds of additional hours of playtime. We hope that with the help of this tutorial yo…

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How to set up a Minecraft modded server?

The first step to setting up a Minecraft modded server is to download the Forge server software from the official website, found here. After downloading it, launch the .jar file by double-clicking on the file. Once launched, you should be greeted with an option to "install server". Select this and then hit the "OK" button. Step 2.) Accept EULA

How do I join a multiplayer Minecraft server?

Double click the .bat file to launch the server, start up Minecraft, and enter in your public IP (when you googled "what’s my IP") in the multiplayer menu. Connect to the server, and enjoy your new world!

How do I add mods to Minecraft?

To do that, go to the search box, press the Windows key, and type %appdata%. Now, choose .minecraft. Search for a folder titled mods. If there is no such folder, you have to create one and put all the mod files into this folder. Now the next step is to reduce lag.

How to play Minecraft on PC without mods?

To launch the server, double click on the .bat file and then start Minecraft and then your IP address under the multiplayer menu. You are ready to connect to the server can enjoy your game. Minecraft is extremely fun by itself, even without any mods.

How To Make A Modded Minecraft Server in 1.18 (Forge Server 1.18) Video Answer

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