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Chop all or most of the birch or spruce trees down to a stump and jump on each and every stump to collect the top logs. Cut a two-high notch into one of the oaks, one block above where you currently are, and jump up into it. Now you can either jump one higher into the jungle or another oak’s trunk …

Automatic tree farm. Dig a 5×5 pit. Put a stone brick in every corner. Build nine blocks up from each stone brick. Place a stone brick on top of each column. Connect these with spruce logs. Go back to the bottom of your farm. Connect the spruce logs with a short wall of planks. Then pick a side to …

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How to build a Minecraft Automatic Tree Farm in 1.16+ editionsHey everyone, CaptainOwl here and today im going to be showing you on how to make a Minecraft …

How to Make an Underground Tree Farm in Minecraft: 6 …

Steps Download Article. Mine out a 9×9 and 6 high area. 2 blocks in from the side dig a 5×5 hole,1 block deep. Mine a 3×3 area inside the 5×5 ring so the room is funnel shaped. In the center of the 3×3 ring place a dirt block with torches on it. Plant a sapling and light up the room more. Enjoy the wood!

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How do you farm oak trees in Minecraft?

A playerless automatic oak wood farm can be created using azalea trees. Requires finding moss blocks in order to farm, which can be difficult to obtain. Azalea and flowering azalea bushes require bone meal to be grown into trees.

How do you make trees grow faster in Minecraft?

Bone meal can be used on any one of the saplings to make the tree grow more quickly. (Dark Oak must be planted similarly, but they don’t grow tall enough to require the special harvesting techniques.) Especially if breaking the leaves on the spot, this can be most of a Minecraft day’s work.

Is there an easy log farm in Minecraft?

Easy Minecraft Log Farm! A space-efficient fully automatic oak tree farm. A TNT Duplicator is used for automation. Since the player can only harvest 7 blocks above the ground without climbing on something, the most efficient tree farm design limits the height of trees to 9 blocks.

What is the best tree to farm in Minecraft?

Birch grows quickly and has the most uniform height, and is ideal for automatic farming, making it the best in moderately sized fields. Dark Oak grows extremely quick, has a larger average yield than oak, and is considerably more compact and safer to harvest than jungle giants.

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Minecraft: **IMPROVED** 1.17+ Automatic Tree Farm | (NO ZERO TICK) | Easy Tutorial Video Answer

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