How to make spiral stairs in minecraft

Do you struggle to make spiral stairs in minecraft ? Here is a quick and easy tutorial for spiral stairs. Make them narrow or wide, clockwise or anti-clockw…

A little tutorial on how to make a nice spiral stair case. Creator ( Shawn Hutchinson) tutorials coming soon. hit…

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To build Stairs the recipe is simple. You will need 6 blocks of your chosen material and a Crafting Table. For this I am using the most common material in the game: Oak Planks. Arrange them in the shape of stairs on the Crafting Table as shown in the image above. One of these will grant 4 Stairs in total.

How to Make a Spiral Staircase in Minecraft – B+C Guides

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What are stairs in Minecraft?

Stairs are climbable blocks in Minecraft that can be used to get up to certain places faster than by jumping up each individual block. Not only that, but they can be used as decoration in many different parts of a build. Stairs are easy to build and come in many different colors and materials, from Wood to different types of Stone.

How do you build spiral staircases?

My first tip when building spiral staircases is to have a center. In the case of a smaller staircase it’ll be just a single block or a 2×2 square. I go with the smaller version so that way I’m working with a 3×3 square of space.

How do you make a flat turn in Minecraft?

The trick here is that you always place a flat block (a solid block, a Slab, or upside down Stair) at the corners where you’d usually make your turn, with the Stairs connecting to them. In this build I used upside down Stairs to make the flat corners, because I could also use them to make the whole staircase have more volume.

How do I place a stair upside down?

To place a Stair upside down you need to have a block that you can see the sides or bottom of. In a build think of a wall or the ceiling. If you are putting the Stair upside down on the bottom of a block all you have to do is click. However, when putting a Stair on the side of blocks they can be placed either upright or upside down.

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