How to make sparklers in minecraft

In order to craft a sparkler, players will need chloride, magnesium and a stick. Calcium Chloride – Orange. Cerium Chloride – Blue. Mercuric Chloride – Red. Potassium Chloride – Purple. Tungsten Chloride – Green.

How to make firework stars in Minecraft. In short, to make firework stars, you will need just one dye and one gunpowder. Start by placing the dye next to the gunpowder inside a crafting table, and depending on what dye you use, you will craft a firework star of that color. See more result ››.

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Everything You Need To Make sparkler. To make a sparkler you have to place 1x chloride, 1x magnesium and 1x stick in center column of 3×3 crafting table. The color of the sparkler depends upon the type of chloride you are using. 1x chloride; 1x magnesium 1x stick; 1x crafting table; 1x compound creator

How to make all 5 SPARKLERS! | Minecraft Education …

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