How to make grass spread faster in minecraft

In this video I explain how to get grass in an area that didn’t have grass before and how to make it spread over the dirt quickly.Added Note: I’m so sorry f…

If you are already following what said above, your only way to make Grass spread faster is to use cheats. You can have the Grass spread faster increasing the random tick speed from 3 (the default random tick speed) to a higher value.

How to turn Dirt into Grass blocks in Minecraft?

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Getting Silk Touch Enchantment for Mining Grass Blocks. Check level 30 enchantment on diamond pickaxe. If Silk Touch appears, enchant it. If level 30 enchantment isn’t Silk Touch, do a level 1 enchant on a book. Check enchantment on level 30 on pickaxe again. Rinse and repeat the process until you …

How To Make Grass Spread Minecraft – All information …

For grass to grow on a dirt block you need a block of grass next to it. And to make that process faster, if you have commands enabled, do "/gamerule randomTickSpeed 300" but I don’t recommend doing it as it’ll affect lava and water speed of flowing, crop growing speed and a lot of other things. See more result ››.

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Minecraft Tutorial – How to grow grass and spread it fast Video Answer

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