How to make glitch text in minecraft

This video shows you how to get cursed/glitched/moving text for your items in Minecraft. It works for both bedrock edition and java edition. If you have any …

Just type some text in the first box and then copy the messed up / hacked text from the second box (after perhaps adjusting the level of hackedness) and paste it into a text input form. Note though that some websites have banned it or limited the number of modifiers that can be submitted.

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5 most fun Minecraft glitches to have ever appeared. great 3) Lava Escape. This lava escape glitch can save a player from death (Image via Mojang) This glitch is more practical than fun, but not dying is a pretty enjoyable part of the Minecraft survival … See more result ››.

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To try it: Hold down the ALT key on your keyboard Using the number pad (it must be the number pad), type 2, then 1 (21). Make sure Num Lock is on. Release ALT and it should type a § On Mac, it looks like if you hold ALT and type 6, it will type the § sign ( ALT and 5 for extended U.S. keyboards).

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Minecraft tutorial | How to make a glitch text Video Answer

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