How to make explosive arrows minecraft

Follow the undermentioned steps to create arrows that explode on impact once shot from your bow: Firstly, when you’re creating your new world- You’ll need to enable cheats. Now pull up your command bar. The key bind for the command bar is C but some editions also use /or ~ or . In the box that …

Thanks for watching! Please, like and subscribe.1st command:TNT:execute at @e[type=arrow,nbt={inGround:1b}] run summon minecraft:tntlightning:execute at @e[t…

How to make EXPLOSIVE / TNT ARROWS in minecraft …

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Think TNT cannons are downright awesome? Hoping for something portable, convenient and spectacular at blowing stuff up? In a couple of easy steps, create your very own set of explosive arrows that, with a pull of your bowstring comes a lot of destructive fun!

How to Get Explosive Arrows in Minecraft – Touch, Tap, Play

Put it above the first block and set it in the Chain mode and the Always Active mode. After that, enter [/kill @e[type=arrow,nbt={inGround:1b}]] in the Console. It will kill all your arrows after they hit the ground and have made the first explosion. Now your explosive arrows are done. Enjoy your playthrough!

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How To Make Explosive Arrows in Minecraft – Minecraft Bedrock Command Block Tutorial Video Answer

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