How to make a tardis in minecraft

The iconic blue time-traveling TARDIS from Doctor Who made in Minecraft!If you’re unable to click the chest at the end of the video, click here: https://yout…

Press F3 and find the coordinate part ( x y z ) Go to the inside part of your tardis exterior and Write Down the coordinates. Mine are 8.3 237 12.43 they have to be exact. Now find where your interior will be. Place a command block at the interior entrance/exit. Find the coordinates for the interior and write them down.

Minecraft Tardis : 12 Steps – Instructables

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A tutorial on making a Tardis in minecraft that is bigger on the inside and can change the time.Inspired by "TheyMightBeBricks" and "ACtennisAC". Channels: h…

How to make a working tardis in minecraft(No mods!)

This is one of my informative videos on how to make something awesome in Minecraft

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How to make a working tardis in Minecraft! Video Answer

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