How to make a splash bottle in minecraft

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Step 1: Gather the ingredients for the recipe. Step 2: Prepare the brewer’s stand by adding ingredients. Step 3: Make a pot of weakened gunpowder and put it in the brewing stand. There is no difference in duration of effect between the regular drinkable potion and the splash potion in Minecraft Java.

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You are reading: How to make a splash bottle in minecraft. To make a splash potion, you’ll need to combine a regular potion with gunpowder on your brewing stand to give it explosive properties. Then simply move the potion to your inventory, equip it and throw a splash potion to use it. In Minecraft, there are many different types of potions.

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Place the Brewing Stand on the ground, and open the brewing interface. You open the brewing interface the same way you open the Crafting Table interface or open a chest. Add Blaze Powder to the upper left box in the brewing interface. Add your potion to one of the three bottom boxes in the brewing interface.

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Minecraft: How to Make Splash Water Bottle Video Answer

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