How to make a light switch on minecraft

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to make a working light switch in order to power lights in Minecraft! You can learn a bunch from this tutorial, an…

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Minecraft: How to make a light Switch with Redstone …

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This Minecraft tutorial will show you how to build a redstone light switch, using glowstone rather than redstone lamps.

How to make a Working Light Switch Minecraft Map

Things Needed: Redstone, Redstone Repeater, Lever or Button, Redstone Lamp and Any thing you use to make your house. Step 1. Place The Redstone Lamps Anywhere you want it. Step 2. Place a Lever at least 2 Blocks Away From Any Redstone Lamp. Step 3.

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How to Make a LIGHT SWITCH in MINECRAFT! Video Answer

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